Why Us

Why Us

Quality Control

What we promise is what we make delivered. We are able to leverage the supply of right quality of oil, what we promised and this is the reason we are excellent in Quality Control department of edible oil. Our consistency in the market is the token that the services and quality of DLN, Bhopal has never been altered by anyway in the previous 4.5 decades.

Strength in Regional Areas

DLN’s early entry in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh offers an optimistic value added prices to the repackers and sellers associated with us since ages. The company is in the strong position to negotiate the competitive rates through an established corporate relationship with the producers scattered throughout the nation. Thus, working on 4.5 decades not only proves beneficial to old associates but to those who have recently started into oil broking but search for the right brokers.

Fostering Partnerships

We believe in growing together, we believed in courtesy and care, we believe in fostering earning and fostering businesses together. The believe in someone’s progress and someone’s dream to achieve a good trade is making us progressive in edible oil industry. We develop best customized and personalized solutions to optimize trading decisions and achieving higher sale in the market. Together with our clients, we plan the right and quick business decisions to mitigate risk so to achieve an efficient financial deal.

Service approach

Our main approach to our business is based on the service to our customers. Most buyers and sellers know about the ups and downs of the market but to avoid deprivation or maximize their profit we intervene as a broker. Serving them with truthful, beautiful platform (procedure), yes. But also with language that meets their needs, language that clarifies rather than prettifies.


To a great degree, discipline is a set of habits that can be cultivated. As a broker, we string together rituals, create the right work environment, and adopt the behaviors of productive brokers. We as all-time dedicated brokers believe in meeting our deadlines and keeping our clients updated.

Accurate market prices

Identifying trends is important. But how do you spot a trend? It’s difficult, as the market never moves in a straight line. The market will never fall continuously on a given day and rise on another. Our basic mantra, is to always be updated regarding the prices and provide informationand services accordingly.

Logistics arrangement

Once the trade has been made, we offer Logistics Solutions For successful exhecution for the of trade. We provide our customers with trucks or tankers as per their requirements across india with the help of our approved transporters.

Ethical business practice

Ethical marketing issues include marketing redundant transparency about environmental risks, transparency about product, possible health risks, financial risks, security risks, etc. respect for customer privacy and autonomy, advertising truthfulness and fairness in pricing & distribution. Never involved in price skimming.